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Minnesota Horse Training Videos | Minnesota Retraining Horses 

Minnesota Horse Training Academy
1253 210th Avenue 
Ogilvie, MN 56358
(320) 272-4199

Larry Surrett - Head Instructor and Owner
What You Will Learn at MHTA

What you & your horse will learn during the MHTA program includes but is not limited to:

Basic Skills
Handling Techniques
Halter Training
Bitting & Bridling
Controlled & Free Longing
Neck Reining
Backing Up
Sliding Stop
Side Pass
Turning on Hind Qtrs & Fore Qtrs
Give to Pressure
Advancing Under Saddle
Lead Changes
Trailer Loading
Driving (buggy/wagon)
Desensitize to Gunfire, ATV,Scary Objects
                                     Teach Horse to Stop                                      Rider Falls from Saddle
Stand Still during Mounting/Dismounting
Stand Still during Farrier Work
Many, Many Tricks
Teach your Horse to Take a Bow
Play Dead
Sit Like a Dog
Say Yes & No ( shake with head)
Smile Pretty
Talk like Mr. Ed
Give Kisses
Go Over & Through Tarps & Obstacles
Bridges & Teeter Tots
End of Trail
Stop Bucking
Stop Rearing
Stop Kicking
Stop Shying
Stop Halter Pulling

Students who taught their horses to take a bow & play dead.
A student and her horse stopped on a horse-sized teeter-totter.
Here is a student calmly riding her horse through a hanging tarp.
Students riding horses while tarps carrying and going under tarps.
Horses standing like statues on a bridge.
Here is a student that has taught their horse how to 
roll a barrel with his nose.
A student who has taught her horse how to get up 
and stand on a pedestal.
A student that has taught their horse how to 'park out', 
making it easier to get into the saddle.
Students here are desensitizing their horses to a four-wheeler.
Students desensitizing their horses to the smells and sounds of a semi.
Here are students that have completely desensitized their horses to a tarp.
A student that has desensitized her horse to ride through the balloons, 
and the hay ring, while pushing several barrels.
A student who has learned how to swing up onto her horse and have her horse stand still for it.
Students learning how to teach their horses to push several barrels and how to jump into a pickup truck.
A student who has desensitized her horse to oodles and oodles of balloons.