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Larry Surrett - Head Instructor and Owner
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Visit with a TALKING HORSE 
at the Minnesota Horse Training Academy
by Tesha M. Wiedemann
Horse Lovers Directory  Fall/Winter 2002

"If you've ever gotten the itch to talk with a horse, Silver Eagle will be happy to visit with you at his barn in rural Ogilvie on the grounds of the Minnesota Horse Training Academy...... read more
Minnesota Horse Training Academy 
Article appeared in The Friesian Journal  2003

"One of the things that make the Minnesota Horse Training Academy (MHTA) so unique is our head instructor, Larry Surrett. He can train any horse to do anything. Yes anything. Mr. Surrett considers the course a three week challenge to teach you the handler the same.... 
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Whisperer Helped her Bond with Horses
by Bruce Strand
Star News 5/24/05

"The sorrel quarterhorse she named Dancer was scrawny and weak when Linda Arvidson bought him three years ago. He'd been owned by a stressed-out couple who were getting a divorce and they only fed the poor animal every third day, Linda said. 

Dancer was lovingly nourished back to health at Linda 
and David's ranch west of Zimmerman. Soon Dancer 
was saddled up and Linda had some nice rides 
with her new friend.

Then for some reason, Dancer started to buck 
Linda off his back......
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From tranquility to tricks, Ogilvie's Surrett can train horses
by Greg Hunt
Isanti County News  7/2/02

"Watching horses who could walk a narrow concrete beam or jump into the back of a pickup was impressive. Then came the display of previously spooky horses who wouldn't balk when walking through a plastic tarp or when an ATV drove by loudly. And bowed when the presentation was done.

Those feats and several more were evident in the students of Larry Surrett after they completed the recent three-week course at the Minnesota Horse Training Academy, located north of Ogilvie.....
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Horsing Around
Not your everyday training
by Chantel Balzell
Rhinelander Daily News 11/17/06

"When Amanda Lane enrolled in the Minnesota Horse Training Academy which she discovered online, she had no idea what to expect.

“I was definitely nervous,” Lane said. “There's a lot of trainers out there that use harsh methods or strange methods, and I didn't know what kind of trainer he was.Lane says it was not until her third day at the academy that she realized how knowledgeable her instructor, Larry Surrett, actually was....
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From Taking Bows to Cutting Cows
Horses and humans learn more than just 
tricks at this unusual school

"Ogilvie, Minn.- At the Minnesota Horse Training Academy, students learn how to train their horses to smile, nod and count. Not impressed by the tricks? At the same school, horses also learn how to come to a sliding stop at their riders' verbal cue, load themselves into a two horse trailer while their handlers stand 20 feet away, and stop when the rider becomes unbalanced in the saddle..... 
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by Cheryl Hoeft

"Friday, June 29, was a proud day in Ogilvie, MN. Twenty-six graduates, 13 of them horses, ended an intensive three-week program at the Minnesota Horse Training Academy with a spectacular graduation day exercise for family and friends....... read more

Larry Surrett's Articles

Where Do Foals Get Their Traits?
The Stallion and Mare Each Contribute Something to the Foal that Will Become Someone's Horse
by Larry Surrett
Horse & Family Jan. 2008

"You might not think that breeding has much to do with safety issues, which is
what this column is usually about, but it does. I’ve probably trained some 2,000 horses in my lifetime and
in the process have grown partial to certain bloodlines (SkipperW is one of them). Then there are some lines 
I would just shy away from for kids’ horses or beginners.....
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Breeding For Brains
Breeding For a Good Tempermant Should be Foremost, Rather Than Color, 
Conformation or Performance
by Larry Surrett
Horse & Family Feb. 2007

"As a young horse trainer, I started out believing that with the correct techniques every horse could be succesfully trained to do almost any discipline. Experience has shown me that tempermant is of the utmost importance in the making of what we call a good horse.....
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Imprint Training Your New Foal
By Controlling a Horse's Movement, You Establish Your Authority
by Larry Surrett
Horse & Family Apr. 2006

"With foaling season now upon us, this month is a good time to discuss imprint training. Imprinting is desensitizing, and some sensitizing, every part of a foal's body to human touch as soon as possible after birth.....
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