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Farrier Class

Come learn from a veteran horse farrier, Larry Surrett, 
how to trim your own horse's hooves.

This short 2.5 day class is scheduled in the month October of every year, following the September class.  
The class is usually held on the first Mon, Tues, and Wed of October, following the September 3 week class. 
Students are given the option of coming for 3 full days (vs. 2.5) if they are able to. 

Call or email us now for current farrier class pricing, exact dates & to reserve your spot now!

Note: If enough requests are made to hold this class during other months we will certainly accommodate. Please don't hesitate to ask if September does 
not fit into your schedule.

- takes the work out of trimming horses

- reduces time spent on trimming

- press a button and it cuts

- hydraulic powered

- saves wear and tear on your back

- more comfortable for horses

The "E-Z Hoof Nipper" is a one-handed hydraulic powered hoof nipper for trimming hooved animals.

Whether you are a horse owner trimming your own, or a farrier making a living, this incredible tool does the work for you.

Offers one-handed operation so there is no need to get under the horse if you don't want to. It's no harder than lifting the foot like when cleaning the hoof. Reach over with the nipper and push the button to trim. 
(See photos to left)

A nice job done in a fraction of the usual time!

Faster trimming means less stress for the horse and less work and frustration for you.

Trim feet in seconds; you're done so fast the horse doesn't have time to fuss, and you don't get a sore back.

For the farrier, this tool will increase your income by allowing more appointments in a day with less strain on your body.

Made in the USA

If you would like to order the EZ Hoof Nipper 
or have any questions please...

e-mail...  eznipper@yahoo.com

Call... (763) 202-7670

 Fax ... (763) 753-2461

About the Inventor

LARRY SURRETT attended Anoka Tech at the age of 18 and founded MINNESOTA HORSE TRAINING ACADEMY in 1995, where he has dedicated his life to the equine industry. He has been a Ferrier for the last 34 years. 

At 6’ 4”, you can imagine what a toll this has taken on his back. He knew that there had to be a better and faster way, for both Farrier and horse owner alike. Over the years, he has thought about this many times.

When he finally knew he had the right idea, he called his long time friend and entrepreneur, Ralph Dickenson. Together, they worked on this for over 3 years. With a lot of trial, error, and many prototypes, the EZ HOOF NIPPER is 
finally a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. The cost of the tool is $1,495.00 plus shipping and MN tax if applicable.

2.  We accept checks, money orders or credit cards. 

3.  The weight of the hand part of the tool is less than 3 ½ #’s the total weight of the unit is 64 #’s. 

4.  The overall dimensions are Height 42”, Maximum Width at cart wheels 21”, Maximum depth at battery box 18 ½” 

5.  The entire tool comes with a 2 wheeled cart – like a hand dolly that carries the tool, pump (included) and a box for the battery (battery not included).

6.  The jaws are made of steel.

7.  The body of the tool is made of high quality aluminum alloy.

8.  The tool operates from a hydraulic pump (included) and a 12 volt battery (not included).

9.  The tool is quiet. 

10. The trigger has a ½ second delay and does stop when you release the trigger. The jaws open 1 5/8“

11. The tool has a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Thank You for your interest

Happy Horse – Happy You!
23008 Navajo St NW
St. Francis, MN 55070
(763) 202-7670
Email: eznipper@yahoo.com    Website: www.ezhoofnipper.com

Horse Training

Individualized horse training available. Bring your horse to the Surrett Ranch for custom training. Call or email Larry today to discuss your horse's month to month plan & pricing.

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