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Enrollment Application for Minnesota Horse Training Academy


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 What month of class do you prefer ?  Circle & note which months would be your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices.


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Both States of Minnesota & Florida requires State Certified proof of Negative Coggins and a State Certified health certificate for your horse within the past 30 days before permitting entry into Minnesota or Florida.  Please bring both certificates with you if you plan to attend with a horse.  Please initial here: _________

Name of Horse: ______________________

Breed of Horse: ______________________

Age of Horse:    ______________________

Color of Horse:  ______________________

​Where did you learn about the Minnesota Horse Training Academy? _________________________________________

Do you have any disabilities that we would need to assist you with ? _____________________________

If so, what type of assistance could we help you with ?



Are you bringing a horse ? __________

Do you need us to provide a horse for you ? _________

What breeds of horses do you like to work with ?


What do you know about the background of the horse you are bringing 
such as bad habits, problem areas, attitude, physical limitations or abilities and accomplishments ? ______________________________________________



What is your experience with horses ? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever attended or been involved with any other horse related program ? __________________________

If so, who and where ? ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did you graduate from the program ? ________________

Did you leave satisfied with the program ? ________________________________________________

How many students are accompanying you for this course ? ________________________________________

When you learn the amazing results we guarantee in this program, 
would you like us to advertise your training and education with us at no cost to you in your local newspaper ? ______________________________

If so, please provide us with the Name, City & State of your local newspaper : __________________________________________________________________________