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It's Ashley Walch. 

I attended MHTA in September of 2003.  Attending the Minnesota Horse Training Academy is the absolute best thing I could have done.  It has been such a blessing to have this knowledge.  I admit that I have not been able to put it to as much use as I should or probably could have, but I am now getting that chance.  All the information that I have learned helped me a great deal when I was working for a handicapped riding program back in the spring last year.  It helped me fix some quirks that our horses and ponies had.  And now I finally have the ability to put it to even more use.  I got a volunteer position with the Standardbred Retirement Foundation to help train their adoption candidate horses.  I have about 9 horses to train and if I had attended any other program or school, I'm sure that would be quite a daunting task.  But I feel very confident in my abilities and my knowledge and couldn't help but think "9 horses?  that's all?"  And honestly, I believe that it's the techniques and information that I learned from Larry that helped me to get that position.  Sure, having been a horseback rider for the last 10 years probably helped a little bit as well, but they seemed most impressed when I talked to them about what I accomplished during my 3 week stay in Mora, MN.  Also, I was a bit of a nervous horse person when I first showed up at the school, but I left a very confident person.  Maybe a little too confident for my own good!  I have yet to meet a horse that scares me the way certain horses used to.  I highly recommend this program to anyone whether they want to train horses for a living, or just become a better rider or have better horsemanship skills.  

Hope that everyone is well!

Ashley Walch

Minnesota Horse Training Academy
1253 210th Avenue 
Ogilvie, MN 56358
(320) 272-4199

Larry Surrett - Head Instructor and Owner
Please take the time to read the letters and statements below given by students that graduated from the Minnesota Horse Training Academy. 

If you are a previous Minnesota Horse Training Academy graduate and would like to 
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This is a list of some of our students that would love to talk to you about our academy, and their experiences at the class.  Please feel free to call them and ask questions about the class.  Many of them were skeptical at first, until they went through the class and they have all said how amazed and glad they were that they came to our school.  Several of them keep visiting and helping with the new students.

Tony Fazio      (952) 470-1660 or (612) 708-0656 
Tanya Hass     (218) 845-0992 
Bill Gibson      (315) 853-3640 
Kris Davis        (218) 273-4389 
Keith Lammi   (218) 273-4389 
Ann Sampson (402) 489-8578
Brenda Laabs (715) 223-3226
John Hilton     (304) 586-2696
Ardis Beach   (218) 746-4364


We own and operate an equine farm and have been involved with horses for 24 years.  We've bred and raised Quarter Horses, Morgans, and Thoroughbreds.  We have experienced all of the common trials and tribulations that come across with horse ownership including horses that won't load in trailers, halter pullers, herd bound horses, buckers, rearers, etc.  For the last several years we have been searching for a much better, safer training process that really works.  After attending clinics, reading books, talking to trainers, viewing tapes of different trainers, and their processes, we weren't satisfied with the results and the vast amount of time it took to get there.  To be honest, we never got there!

A year and a half ago we went looking for a special well bred quarter horse broodmare.  Because of her conformation, breeding, and unique training, Larry Surrett's horse stood well apart from the rest.  Little did we know that this purchase would lead us to the experience of a lifetime.  After conversations with Larry viewing a video on the school, and visiting the M.H.T.A website we signed up the three of us for his three-week training program in Minnesota.  We packed ourselves and two of our horses up and drove 1200 miles to Ogilvie, MN in July 2004.  We had high hopes, but weren't sure they were going to be met.

On Monday morning the training began.  The program consists of mornings being spent in the classroom and afternoons devoted to demonstrations and hands on execution of what was taught that day.  By the end of the first day we knew we had found something really special and at the end of the second day we knew we had found something that went far beyond anything we had ever hoped for.  Larry's thirty years of experience training horses and learning through trial and error has resulted in him developing a unique and systematic process that is truly the only one of its kind.  He has trained close to two thousand horses and he gets results at an unbelievable pace.

This program is about teaching people a step by step process utilizing seven different techniques to train horses to do anything physically possible in the safest way imaginable.  Safety is a hallmark of the M.H.T.A. and this program focuses on making horses and people safe on an every day basis.  From the moment the program began we started to learn to think like a horse, to build trust and rapport with a horse, and to build a solid foundation to get the horse to do anything it is asked to do, and enjoy doing it!

We brought our 5 y/o Quarter Horse and 6 y/o Morgan.  We had been working with our horses for over two years utilizing various training processes.  Up until this time we had ridden them extensively in an outdoor arena and had done some trail riding.  We thought their behavior, manners, and attitude were above average, but we knew they weren't where we wanted them to be.  What we didn't realize until we started the program was how truly unsafe, poorly mannered, and maladjusted they were!  An epic of transformation started right from the beginning of this program for both us and our horses.

It is impossible for us to convey in this note the overwhelming amount of knowledge that we acquired and were able to transfer to our horses, but here is a glimpse:  Proper correction and reward, properly tying, how to stand still, how to whoa, standing for a farrier and vet, how to back properly, fore and hindquarter turns, side passing, slide stop, backing and neck reining without bit pressure, ground tying, trailer loading, detailed instruction on how to deal with problem horses, and a wide array of tricks that are fun for both the horse and the rider!

The transformation that we witnessed took us from having horses that we found were frightened of many more things than we thought, that were not respectful of us or the bit; to horses that would  stand tied for long periods of time, walk over tarps and through hanging tarps, stand while a gun is fired over their backs, stand or walk while being buzzed by an ATV and tractor trailer, are desensitized to many frightening things in their environment, will freely walk through deep, muddy water and over a variety of obstacles, will jump safely into and out of the bed of a pickup truck on command, will come to a complete stop if the rider loses balance, will stand on a 3' round pedestal on all fours, will load themselves in a trailer from a distance on command, and much more!

Our horses did these things and MUCH more in a calm, willing, and safe manner.  As each day passed, our confidence, and our horses' confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

Larry Surrett, founder and owner of the M.H.T.A. can read a horse better than anyone we've ever seen and he is truly a horse trainer's trainer.  If anyone would like to hear more about the M.H.T.A., please don't hesitate to call us at (315) 853-3640.       

~Bill, Sue, and Mariah Gibson
Larry, I just wanted to write you a letter and let you know how much I enjoyed your class. I can honestly say that in 2 weeks I learned more than I have in the last 4 years. I was amazed at the things we taught the horses and that everything was humane and safe. You did an outstanding job teaching us the mechanics of training, correction, praise, timing and handling of horses.

I feel I have left Minnesota with not only knowledge but a friend.

Thank For Everything, 

Keith Youngblood
My mom and dad can't believe how I handle the horses now. I learned so much. The experience of working with horses the way you showed us really built up my confidence. You made it way easier than the way we used to do it, and it was safe.

April Sims
I just can not say enough about how pleased I was after taking this course and would very highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. It was nice to get a chance to meet some people from different parts of the United Sates that had come to take the course. Not only did we learn a lo but also had the chance to make some new friends. Thanks again for adding something more to my love of horses now and forever.

Annie Baker
Hillman, MN
"Larry Surrett, founder and owner of the MHTA can read a horse better than anyone we've ever seen and he is truly a horse trainer's trainer".
"would very highly recommend it to anyone and everyone"
Hello  I am glad, and honored, that the MN Horse Training Academy gives out my name for recommendations. Let me first say that I do NOT get paid for this, nor any type of "kick back". I am just the ordinary (well... let's see,, some folks who Really know me say that I am more on the "special" side.. ie: sense of humor etc.) I went to the Academy at age 57 in 2007 and graduated from the program. Prior to this I'd owned 4 riding stables and 80 head of horses. There were mornings that I'd wake up at 6:00 AM and pull the blankets back over my head and say "I can't do this. I'm just not good enough. Everybody else is young - I can't do it another day!" Yeah, eventually (like 5 minutes), I'd crawl out from under the blanket and get my butt up to go tend to my horse's needs, tack up and face the day of mountains I didn't think I could climb... Know what?? EVERY night, when I'd go to bed, I'd have this HUGE smile on my face and say to myself "YEAH!! By gum!! I did it! I'm doing it! I CAN do it! I will do it!" The next morning, I'd peek out from under and go through the same thing. However!! At the end of the three weeks - I found it was worth every dime and every moment I had spent there. The horse I'd taken had only been ridden 5 times and none of those times was by me. She was close to 16 hands, I'd bought a Fleet Farm step stool in order to reach the stirrup. I made 8 wonderful friends, many of whom I am still in contact with. 
My Pa was a horse trainer, his Pa and g'Pa & g'g'pa, were all trainers. Pa taught me when I was 12-13 yrs old..... how much do you think you remember during those years?? Larry "re-showed" me what Pa had already taken the time to teach me -- but I didn't listen at that age!! I have since built a heated barn/arena; 160' x 54' with 8 boxstalls. I successfully trained 30 head in the past year and am currently filled through the end of June, 2011. I am living my passion. It's too bad I hadn't met Larry and his staff prior to age 57 but by golly I'm making up for it now! I encourage you totally - IF you have the love of horse's - go to the Academy. In the end - you will have your confidence back and know how to take control. The 'whimpy' "whoa now - you stand still now - come on baby, I said whoa" by the end, turns into a very positive "WHOA! Dog GONE IT - I said WHOA" and the back bone to enforce it!!!! You go girl. If this is a part of your dream for your life, then Larry and his staff is the best way to get it. 
If you have any more questions, either now or in the future, don't hesitate to contact me. The MN Horse Training Academy changed my life and was the BEST thing I've ever done for ME!! All this info comes from my heart girl. You go play!!   Ardis Beach, Certified Trainer, Rock Solid Arena, LLC, 10609 53rd Ave SW, Pillager, MN 56473  218-746-4364
PS MN Horse Academy: Thank you for handing out my name and info regarding the Academy. It truly WAS the best thing I've ever done for ME! I am more than willingly to share that with anyone that has doubts. 

"You have to believe it when you see it."

Equestrian Magazine
"If horse psychology is ever classified as an academic science, Larry Surrett will be qualified to hang out his shingle."

Karen Carlson - Kanabec County Times
"Not only did you teach trick and trail ability, but you also taught the horses manners and rider respect."

Jaqueline Getty - WCCO-Tv MPLS-ST. PAUL
At the Minnesota Horse Training Academy, people come from across the country to learn how to train horses from Larry Surrett."

Cole Gibas - MPLS Star Tribune
Trail Horse Boot Camp:
My wife and I recently attended a fantastic horse camp at the Minnesota Horse training Academy in Ogilvie, MN and we wanted to share that experience with our trotter friends.

The camp is a 3 week event during which you train your horse and other horses to be as safe as possible when you are on their back and handling them.We have 2 Fox Trotters and one is 13 yrs old. My wife and I considered our horses above average before the camp. We soon found out that they were no where near as safe as they should be to ensure a safe ride on any trail since I am over 50 yrs old.

At our camp we had a 2 year old thoroughbred, a 2 year old Arabian, who had never been ridden or saddled. We also had a mustang who was had just been caught for the first time before camp started, The first time he was saddled he flipped on his back and tried to buck the rider from his back after the rider finally mounted him. By the end of the second week all of the horses had hours of trail rides, including rough and hazardous terrain. This is including all the horses above.

By the end of the 3 weeks camp riders could ride and toss various objects to each other without their horses even blinking, we could shoot off our horses back, ride through a 12 ft. plastic tarp, and overcome many other challenges. A 4-wheeler could race by at high speeds and weave between the horses and they would stand perfectly still.We also taught the horses that whoa means whoa under any circumstance and at my age that is very important. Our horse have always loaded well but we witnessed first hand how hard it is to get horses to load who don't want to. !5 minutes later this horse was running from 30ft into the trailer all by himself. 
We are very satisfied with our experience.

I rode Beamer at the Isanti County Rodeo parking cars - there were fireworks, four-wheelers, and lots of kids on bikes! She did awesome, in fact, the people I was with didn't believe me when I said she was a two-year-old! NOTHING and I mean NOTHING bothered her! I NEVER could have done this without the class. The highlight of the night was when a guy asked if he could park in a no parking spot - I told him he'd have to ask my horse...he about pooped his pants when we asked Beamer 3 times and she said no each time. Then she smiled at him! WAS TOO FUN! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!


Kimmy Jo Owens

For anyone considering the Minnesota Horse Training Academy I strongly recommend it. It is the only place where you get the education along with your horse and establish a partnership with your horse. I got a 3 year old Arabian-Quarter Horse when he was 3 years old , and phantom had never been worked with before. I was inexperienced myself so that made for a huge challenge. We had many problems such as, rearing, biting and trailer loading was a huge problem. I took the necessary steps to attend the MnHTA after seeing how Larry worked with the horses. Its like he's a natural horse whisperer. This decision to attend the MnHTA literally changed my life. What you learn at the MnHTA will stay with you always. 

I now have a horse that loads willingly without a halter, side passes, stands while mounting and trimming, a great trail horse. He also does a few tricks. I can also shoot a gun off him. I never thought that would have EVER been possible before the MnHTA. I strongly believe in this and would recommend it to anyone.

Amanda Mae Engstrom
Milaca, MN 
I recommend the Minnesota Horse Training Academy to anyone who does or does not have a horse, who has trained or never trained, from beginning to advanced levels of riding ability.

Joan McGregor

Larry, I just wanted to thank you again. I have to say this has been one of the best times of my life. I am sad today, I have to go home. You have a great thing going here and a lot of nice friends. You area very, very good teacher and a good man. I am glad I met you.

Lynn J.
I still can't believe what we learned in a such a short time. 

Lisa Wussow